"There is bread behind the mountains - Vuorten takana on leipää."


HD video / 11 Photography on Paper / 2012

HDV / 21.04 min / 16:9 / Stereo / Dialogue: Bulgarian / Subtitles: English / Finnish

Directed, Edited, Sound Design: Simo Saarikoski / Camera: Simo Saarikoski, Lora Dimova / Translations: Lora Dimova

“The Magic Kitchen is a documentary video shot in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The video portrays the life in a small Balkan city at the edge of the European Union through its main character, Boriana Marinova.  Video is a present day image of life in Bulgaria after more than twenty years since the fall of communism. It documents people who live their lives in the shadow of the past. Life in Gabrovo is like a still image. Many young people have left their homes behind while seeking better future. The older generations task is simply to survive in the present reality. Boriana Marinova is in her sixties. She is famous in he neighborhood for her cooking skills and her past occupation as a restaurateur.  The video is based on her strong and open personality.”

2017 23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire Art / Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2014 Gallery Rajatila / Tampere, Finland (Exhibition)
2013 Balaclava Online Gallery
2012 Pori Art Museum - Media Point / Pori, Finland (Exhibition)

Photography on Paper (46×70 cm)


Exhibition view at Pori Art Museum 2012